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Bed and Breakfast South Jutland... the Local Area

Close to the house is Nørreskoven, where you will find ancient offering stones and burial mounds - as well as 'Brudgomsegene', an old oak forest which the Danish king ordered planted in 1804, following a war in which the English took all of the Danish ships. By the time the trees were big enough to use, the time of wooden ships was over - and so the forest remains.

Directly north of Nørreskoven is Sjellerupskov, where German expressionist painter Emil Nolde chose to live from 1903-23. He also thought that Als was beautiful!

In Østerholm are the ruins of Østerholm Castle from 1555, and after that it's only 1km to Fjordmosen, with its unique fauna.

A bit further away you'll find: Dyvig, where volunteers work with a replica of Hjortspringbåden, an ancient Viking boat; Danfoss Universe; Augustenborg Castle; and Augustenborg Sculpture Park and Art Centre, not far from Alssund Golf Club. There is Sønderborg Castle, including the spectacular Dorothea's Chapel, where an organ concert is held every summer; the historic centre of Dybbøl; and there is also 'Ringriding', a sport local to Southern Jutland - mostly in Sønderborg, but also to be found in Nordborg, Tandslet and Frederiksgaard.

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